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Perhaps, you have already read enough about the most effective career planning strategies before. But, let me ask you this. How was it? Did they make a change on your end? Are your plans effective enough? If you are still on the verge of finding out why at some points in time you cannot plunge into the dream job you’ve ever wanted to get, take time to reflect and take a deep breath. We are here to help you get out from that thinking and start moving. Consider the 10 most effective career planning perspectives below and witness how they could better change your career life and bring you at the peak of the corporate ladder.

1.     Think about what you really want.

What do you want to be called? What are things that interest you the most? Ask them to yourself. Weigh out your answers and make an in-depth understanding of yourself. Define the steps you want to take.

2.     Move and be prepared to put your best foot forward.

Widen your horizons and be open to learn new skills. Be a master of your craft. Wanting to achieve a thing mainly relies on how you envision your goals a year or two from now. Be prepared and believe in yourself. A brilliant idea cannot be considered as a great idea without appropriate and efficient actions.

3.     Join career planning symposiums and seminars.

Learn from other people, get pieces of advices, and apply them all. Listen carefully to what they have to say. The number of roadblocks along yourcareer planning path would be reduced if you will consider doing this. It does not necessarily mean that you need to hire a career coach, because it can be anyone with inspiring and motivational career-building experiences. Talk to your parents or siblings. Open up and have a crystal clear way of thinking.

4.     Train, train, and train yourself.

Consider this famous saying: “Practice makes perfect”. Yes, it is. Even if you think that you are already a master of your skills and crafts, assess yourself still. Are there other things that are along the line of your expertise that you do not know yet?  Now that the technological world is innovating fast, everything changes quickly. You have to run and equip yourself to catch up and join the ride efficiently. Work on it just like an athlete.

5.     Set up your goals.

This is not an overnight activity. You have to seriously do this. You want to achieve something, right? How will you do that without a clear path? Setting up your goals may help eliminate the tangled strings on your mind about where you would go.

6.     Get a paper and pen while having a career planning.

One essential tip is not to overanalyze and not to initially think too much about the consequences. Just sit down, create a draft and try to list down everything. Free-write. After feeling good about your list, take a look at it and finalize it. From there, you may start removing the things that would not really help your goals. Change them into a more productive scheme.

7.     Create a comprehensive resume for career planning.

What you put in your resume are your self-selling points. Make them clear. Indicate your work experiences and qualifications clearly and include the tasks you were able to accomplish. If you have no experiences yet, you may include your past school affiliations and activities. The employers will recognize your capabilities to play in a team and that is the best way to create a good impression.

8.     Win a job interview.

Be confident at all times, but do not overly do that. Dress up with poise and speak professionally. Even if you are still in your college years, you have to do them. Most job interviewers are impressed, as always, to talk to someone who can look straight into their eyes while speaking. Be at your best and always be true to yourself whenever you speak. Sell yourself right and win that job interview.

9.     Improve every day.

Do not live in a mediocre quality of life. If you are already living inside the corporate world, you must improve every minute of every day. That sounds tough, isn’t it? But, no, it isn’t. All you need to do is to focus. FOCUS, yes. You need that in order to come up with the right solutions whenever needed.

10.  Keep your feet on the ground.

Yes, you are required to be consistently confident, but keep your nose at a friendly level all the time. Whatever your achievements are, be humble. Genuine leaders and professionals know this fact.


We hope that these career planning tips would make a big change in your career path and we believe that they will. Always remember that a single step is not a small step because you’ll never know if that step would bring you to the top. Everything would still depend on you.

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