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Job interview question for Practice

From which do you belong, recruiter or applicant? Either way you still need to think about job interview question. Job interview question is most of the time very draining. If you happen to be the hiring manager you need to make set of job interview question that can really help you decide if that person is qualified or not. Moreover, you need to make questions that can bring out the personality of the applicant. When doing a job interview question it must be in relation to the position being offered and that the answer would tell you if the applicant suits the job best or not.

Here are some of the common job interview questions with answers that you can revise or rephrase in order to come up with fresh set of job interview questions.

  • Can you please tell me about yourself? This job interview question is the most popular. The answer here would not be entirely about the applicants’ life history. The answer would be about his past job experiences.
  • How was your last job? Through this job interview question you can get information from the applicant of what method other company is using and you can also integrate in the company if that could help. If the applicant can be a great asset then he will be the lucky one.
  • What made you like your last job? This is actually in contrast to the common job interview question that is what made you leave your last job? Through this question you will know what type of working environment this articulate applicant wants to have.
  • How can you handle pressure and what are your weaknesses? These will show you how that person can cope up with the company’s problems and how can he able to surpass it. Actually there’s no right or wrong answer here since each of the applicants have heir own style of handling or controlling their pressure and weaknesses. The purpose of this job interview question is for you to know his ability to solve his own issues.
  • What do you think are your greatest assets that you can contribute to the company? This job interview question will give you a hint if the person is worth the position or not. Or if the person can be a great help in the development of the company. Each question should contribute to the decision that you will do later on. So, put some notes on the folder of the applicant and scan it over once you’re done with all the applicants.


Actually you ca search online of what are the possible questions to ask. But the consequence would be that the applicant already researched that type of question and he already practiced the answer at home. Thus, you can’t really weigh in if the person is good or not. Meaning to say when you are drafting the job interview question makes sure that you rephrase some of the lines or revise the entire question but the idea is just the same. By doing so it seems that you are making fresh and unique job interview question.

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