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5 MOST Popular Online College Degrees THAT WILL MAKE YOU RICH

Most universities across the globe are still on the lookout for more innovative learning platforms. Internet technology has a huge influence when it comes to business opportunities and successes, media goals, and many more. We can say that everything is just a click away nowadays. But, the most important element that this ground-breaking online advantage can directly affect is EDUCATION. Now that there are more and moreonline college degrees available from the most sought after universities just right at the comfort of our own homes, who could ask for more?

Learning should never halt. If you are a student who dreams of having a real good and high-paying job in the future, what you might be thinking now is to get the most profitable degree for your prospects. Am I right? Well, you have to fuss no more and just sit back and relax. Really, this is not something you should think over time staring at the big blue sky because right at this very moment, you have a myriad of perfect options to consider. All you just need to do is to pick a smart choice. And to help you with your search for a strong career in the future, let me give you the most sought-after profitable online college degrees.

1.       Engineering

There are seven high-paying careers in this degree including electrical engineering, computer engineering, chemical engineering, environmental engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, and aerospace engineering. These are undeniably the highest paying college majors among the others. There are also other engineering majors such as architectural engineering, applied engineering, bio-engineering, and software engineering, that are all available for online study approaches. The average salary of a start-up is around $60,000 and for mid-career engineers would increase up to $101,000.

2.      Economics

This is the second best online college degrees major that you could get out of the most popular and profitable careers from top universities worldwide. Most people would ubiquitously think that ‘economics’ is purely math and statistics. Yes, it has something to do with figures, but it is not the main and only point of this degree. If you are interested about social science, political science, history, and psychology, you can fit in with an economics college degree.

3.       Physics

You may also choose to enrol under major physics online courses such as applied physics and engineering physics. A physicist has an average salary of $100,000 annually or more than that depending on the field of specialization. The approximate starting salary would be around $52,000 and may go up to $98,000 under mid-career.

4.      Computer Science

This has become one of the most sought after online college degrees due to the continuous skyrocketing growth of the computer technology. If you could notice, all corporations and even small and medium-sized businesses have ITs within the team. This is the best proof that a computer science graduate has a long-term competitive edge in the coming years because of the huge demand. Algorithmic processes and designs are to be covered under this degree and if mastered, you may earn about $56,400 on your starting salary and $97,400 on you mid-career.

5.       Statistics

If you love data analysis and numbers, then this suits you. Patterns of business applications and other political strategies and schemes are involved in this major course. This would give you as much as $48,600 averagely in your initial year and around $95,000 after several years of working as a statistician.


On the other hand, online education is not limited to the top 5 most profitable and available online college degrees that are mentioned above. Learning is also about passion. What you want to pursue would highly affect your learning points. Choose a career that you will love. Maximize the internet technology and advance on your educational goals. Get a course now.

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